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Who are we?

Who are we?


Founded in 2000 by Lorraine de Bouchony, Mireille van der Graaf and Nicolas Gerschel, Welcomeurope acts as an independant organisation under french law (SAS Simplified Joint Stock Company), and provides its services on European and international ground.

As a french-dutch organisation, Welcomeurope is the first and direct gateway between European institutions and the potential beneficiaries for public subsidies.

Welcomeurope figures

Welcomeurope figures

Welcomeurope figures

17 200 subscribers to Eurofunding - Guides - Online monitoring services

Welcomeurope figures

1 500 professionals trained every year

Welcomeurope figures

80 organisations supported every year

Code of practice and quality standards

europa Transparency register
Identification number : 520806412188-86
All Welcomeurope consultants abide strictly by the European Commission rules and procedures
opqcm OPQCM certification
Welcomeurope is certified since 2013 by the Professional office for consultancies qualification (OPQCM) - sector 7 Finance - Audit - Risk Management
Welcomeurope management

Welcomeurope management

Chief Executive Officer
Lorraine de Bouchony
Valérie Buisine

Mireille van der Graaf
Melissa Moothoo
Jeanne Collin
Vanessa Gehin
Sandra Ungemach-Benedite
Jérôme Dumont
Valérie Buisine

Office manager
Emna Adbeljaouad

Eliès Ajimi

Christophe Damour, Héloïse Joubert

Abigaïl Faure

Contact us

Contact us
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161 rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris.
Contact us
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Our experts are available
from Monday to Friday,
9.00 am to 6.00 pm
+33 1 42 54 60 64

Contact us
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Welcomeurope, 161 rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris | Tél . : +33 1 42 54 60 64 / Fax : +33 1 42 54 70 04

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